Treasurer’s Report

On January 18th, your 2017 Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) Board Members approved:

  • Our 2016 HOA Year-end Actual vs. Budget financials (through Dec 2016)
  • Our 2017 HOA Annual BudgetEstates of Forest Creek Budget that is based on the income and expenses that occurred in the 2016 year plus the Board’s ideas for the upcoming year.
The largest components of our 2017 budget are associated with the required on-going maintenance of our common areas and associated landscape improvement project costs.
These 2017 expenses are necessary to continue the execution of our short and long-term master Beautification Landscaping Plan worked throughout 2016 and continuing throughout this year. The focus of this plan remains the most visible centerpiece of our community for residents and visitors – the medians along our primary boulevard Hearst Castle Way and the main entrances at Hearst Castle Way & Hogan Manor.  You can all look forward to significant further improvements in these areas this year.
The 2017 budget expenses also includes some funding to continue offering our key HOA-sponsored social events open to all EFC residents (HOA members and non-members). These include our quarterly Saturday morning informal “Meet and Greet” gatherings hosted by a volunteer resident at their home, and our Spring and Fall Festivals.  Each of these events provides an excellent opportunity to bring the neighborhood together and for you to become more involved.

2017 budget expense funding also includes insurance, utilities, maintenance of our HOA website and our welcoming program for new residents.

Our 2017 budget depends on your support in paying your 2017 annual HOA membership dues.  Getting early payments helps ensure we have a strong revenue stream to draw from to cover our annual expenses as we incur them.  

A sincere thank you to all that have already paid their 2017 dues.  For the rest of you, I strongly encourage you and your neighbors & friends to Renew / Join Now.

Details of our final 2016 budget vs. actual financials and our 2017 approved annual budget, along with an archive of all HOA Board Meetings and prior quarter budget spreadsheets can be found on our secure HOA Members Only web portal, available to all current EFC HOA members.  Click here to access this “Board Meetings & Budget” webpage.

We need your financial support to keep our EFC neighborhood financially sound and a beautiful place to live. If you have any further budget related questions, please do not hesitate to let me know by using our website Questions/Comments input form.


Denise Dengler, EFC HOA Treasurer