Membership Update: April, 2015

This year, The Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) membership drive is off to a great start.  With the help of broadcast emails to all EFC residents with email addresses on file and to our new website, allowing all residents (current members and non-members) to pay via PayPal or Credit Card online, the early momentum is strong.  As of the end of March, we had over 45 households already complete their 2015 membership form and pay their dues.  This includes a mix of new members and renewals.  It is especially exciting to see 4 members already choosing to rejoin our EFC HOA after missing last year.  A special thanks and welcome back to you!

As we all know, the EFC HOA is a voluntary association that benefits all residents.  The fact that we are a voluntary HOA is the reason some of us chose to move into The Estates of Forest Creek.  Not everyone wants to deal with an overpowering HOA that enforces restrictions that at times may seem illogical. However, just because we chose to live in a voluntary HOA Neighborhood, doesn’t mean we are without obligation to the HOA and our neighbors.

Did you know that more than 80% of our operating budget is dedicated to maintaining the Common Area Maintenance along Coit Road, the entrances at Hogan Manor and Hearst Castle as well as the median of Hearst Castle?  Common Area Maintenance includes: electricity, water, and mowing.  Everyone benefits from attractive public landscaping.

The membership fee of only $125 per year is one of the lowest in Plano. Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, there are a wealth of other advantages and opportunities that membership in your EFC HOA brings to you (i.e., HOA voting rights, HOA Board position, HOA Service Committee participation, City of Plano outreach, Social Groups and Events, secure “HOA Member Only” website benefits, etc.  To learn more and see full details, simply click here to go to the full page of benefits directly.  FYI – alternatively, you can go to our website and on the top banner cursor over “HOA”, then click on “Why Join”.

Our Membership targets for 2015 are 282 Dues Paying Households, which equates to 65% participation. With the growing support we are already seeing by new residents, as well as current and previous supporters, this slight increase over last year is achievable.  Please make this a priority over the coming weeks.  It is especially important to help further along the Beautification Plans already being executed.  You can expect to see more reminders from the Membership Committee and your Block/Zone Captains about the Membership Drive soon.  Our goal is to meet and exceed our stated membership targets no later than the end of May.

Please support your HOA by completing your 2015 membership form and submitting your payment of $125 via one of the following methods:

The 2015 Board has great plans to build on past actions and make The Estates of Forest Creek an even better place to live, benefiting each and every resident. Without the support of the residents, these plans will be just that, plans only, and our community will be nothing more than just another neighborhood.

Thank you again for your support!

Frank Cassara, EFC HOA Membership Director