Membership Update

Season’s Greetings Neighbors!

As 2016 comes to a close, I want to say thank you to the 261 households who supported the efforts of your neighborhood’s Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) this year. MembershipUpdate

I also want to say a huge thank you to Frank Cassara, who worked tirelessly these past two years leading our 2015 and 2016 HOA Membership drives.  Under his leadership and the efforts of the Block Captains, your HOA ended 2016 with an impressive 60% household dues participation rate.

In 2017, your HOA Board will continue to implement the fabulous Beautification Committee plans, which were started in 2016.  Last year’s HOA Board voted to increase the HOA annual dues by $25 to $150.  This increase will ensure we can cover anticipated operating cost increases and maintain satisfactory reserves for landscaping improvements.  Over 80% of our operating budget goes toward water, electricity, mowing, and insurance!

As you enjoy the seasonal decorations at our neighborhood entrances and landscaping improvements made by your HOA, remember it is only through your support that we are able to do these things.  Our HOA is a voluntary association, which provides our neighborhood with the benefits of an HOA, without the aggressive restriction enforcement, often associated with mandatory HOAs.  Each year we rely on the dues support of every household in The Estates of Forest Creek community.  Everyone’s property value benefits from attractive landscaping in common areas.

Please plan to keep our EFC neighborhood strong by promptly submitting your 2017 annual HOA membership payment of $150.  You can either:

  • Do this when you receive your invoice in January … or …
  • Do this anytime effective immediately by conveniently submitting your payment securely online through our community website using the PayPal application that accepts either a PayPal account or the Credit Card of your choosing.  It only takes a few minutes if you want to do this securely on-line now by Joining/Renewing Now.  fyi, if you are a 2016 HOA member, please log into the HOA Members Only Portal to pull up renewal information.  If you have any trouble with this, please see the Website Tip in this newsletter for help.

We appreciate your support.  Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Help Transform Our Neighborhood into a Community!

Kathie Kankel, EFC HOA Membership Director