Hospitality Update

Welcome baskets were delivered to many new neighbors these past few months!

welcomeWhen a new neighbor moves in, the Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) Board delivers a basket of goodies containing information on Plano, schools, a Plano map, a gift of “EFC Coasters”, cookies, and information on how the new resident can join the HOA, FB Page, NextDoor Neighbor Blog, etc.   Here is a picture of the baskets.

I give it three “tries” to actually make contact. On the third attempt, a basket is left on the new neighbor’s doorstep.

Most recently, we have welcomed the following:

3621 Roxbury – Joe & Mignon Buban
3913 Boulton – Donna Soler & Family
3432 Mount Vernon Way – Jeff & Christie Alan
3928 Guston Hall – Gary & Candace Thomas

More homes are selling and there are more new neighbors to greet.

Please make our new residents feel welcome and encourage them to join the EFC HOA!!


Jeanne Gary, EFC HOA Hospitality Director