EFC Fall Decorations on Hearst Castle Way

In October and November, we hope most of you noticed and enjoyed the Fall festive decorations on the Hearst Castle Way medians, coming into our community from Coit Road.  fall-holiday-decorations-2

Your Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) Board members volunteered their time to put these out for all to enjoy as the leaves started changing colors, residents made plans for and celebrated Halloween, and the weather finally started to get a little cooler.  Thanks to all the supported this community beautification activity!

With minimal effort and cost, these decorations help make our EFC community more attractive to our homeowners and visitors.  Putting out seasonal decorations on our main thoroughfare and key community entrances is just a very small example of your annual HOA member dues at work to help beautify our neighborhood.

You are invited to visit our EFC website Photo Gallery to see a few pictures showing off these decorations as well as those on display during Winter holidays, plus much more!