Beautification Update

In 2016, we made progress in our goal of “adding beautiful and subtracting unsightly” (a new, but not so catchy phrase, so I’ll work on something better!) in the median along Hearst Castle Way.EFC Beautification

We now have three crepe myrtle groups underplanted with giant liriope groundcover—adding some much needed continuity of plantings along the median. One of the crepe myrtle beds is brand new and replaced a bed that did not resemble anything else on Hearst Castle. We also added quite a bit of new St. Augustine turf to bare areas and it has established nicely.

The next big project will be the Hearst Castle Way median that extends between White Castle Lane and Ludwig Castle Drive as well as the bed at the end of Hearst Castle Way/Breakers Way. The beds on each end of the median will be redone and the large area in the middle will have an additional crepe myrtle installed as well as a large bed of perennials to coordinate with our other perennial areas along Hearst Castle Way. These improvements will have to wait for early 2017 because the landscaper does not want to install perennials that look like dead sticks. I understand—so we will wait for the Feb/March time frame that will still allow time to establish before the growing season.

The City of Plano took down a Bradford Pear that had indicated its decline and stress by sparse foliage and numerous suckers. That area now needs some attention to improve the turf situation. We will continue to look for solutions and improvements where existing turf or Asian Jasmine has large, unsightly gaps and where the large trees have shaded out all vegetation.

New projects being planned for 2017 include beautifying the bridge with landscape improvements as well as large commercial urns/planters in the center concrete median. We also plan to add attractive beds to frame our 3 Coit Road entrances (Hearst Castle Way, Woodlawn Lane and Hogan Manor Drive). Hopefully we will have the money to complete these projects so thank you for supporting your HOA by paying your 2017 dues.

The summer annuals looked absolutely beautiful this year—thank you to CitiTurf for all their help in keeping our landscape attractive! And a huge thank you to John Caldwell for keeping the sprinklers in good order. The winter annuals should be installed shortly. The first median has been a bit of a disappointment as the plants have not grown much. I don’t know if all the tree and shrub roots left underground after taking out 2 Bradford Pears and a gazillion Dwarf Burford Hollies have hindered the new plants from finding nutritious soil or if it is something else but I’m really hoping the plants take off this spring and start “showing off” for us.

For those interested, several others can be found by scrolling through our website Photo Gallery.

In closing, Thank You once again to all of you in the Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) community that have been actively supporting this beautification work effort with your financial support in having renewed / joined our Homeowners Association (HOA) this past year.  We can definitely still use your help in 2017, so you are invited to get a head-start on this now if you can.

Joining/Renewing your HOA membership for 2017 only takes a few minutes if you want to do this securely on-line by Clicking Here.  We appreciate your support!

We still have a lot of work to do, but hope you are enjoying the progress we have made so far. Enjoy the balance of our holiday season and Happy New Year!

Kristen Kerwin, EFC HOA Beautification / Landscape Director

PS – Please remember to turn off your sprinklers during the freezing weather to prevent ice covering your street, sidewalk and plants!!