Website Update & Tips

If you still have not visited our community website recently, now is YOUR perfect opportunity!WebsiteUpdateFeature

Please do yourself a favor and spend at least a few minutes to familiarize yourself to the wealth of helpful community information that is available to you around the clock and literally at your fingertips on the internet-connected device of your choosing.

Now available to everyone are further updates to our website “Calendar” through the balance of 2016, including important Fall & Winter Plano Independent School District (PISD) class schedules. You can also find ALL the articles in our electronic quarterly newsletter posted on the “Neighborhood News” web page.

Highlights of recently updated Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) web pages include:

  • Behind our secure Homeowners Association (HOA) Members Only portal (only current 2016 HOA dues paying members have access):
  • In our Public portal (all residents & non-residents have access):
    • Our EFC Photo Gallery has been moved here for all to more easily access, having previously had restricted access exclusively behind the secure HOA Members Only firewall
    • Updated Real Estate page to include archived stats and a list of helpful tips for prospective home buyers & sellers when selecting a real estate agent to assist

Website Tips:

(1) 2016 HOA Membership Confirmation:

Shortly after you make an on-line payment for HOA Membership, our web server should automatically send you a confirmation email receipt.  If you pay by manual check, your check is your receipt.

Unfortunately, we have recently had some erroneous emails automatically sent out from our web server to a few EFC HOA members telling them that their current paid HOA membership has expired.  This was due to a mistake in our web server HOA member database.  Most if not all of these errors should now be fixed, so I don’t anticipate any further problems here.

If you do get one of these notices and have already paid your 2016 HOA membership dues and have not already brought this to my attention, please forward the notice to me so I can promptly fix the issue.  My apologies for any confusion here.

(2) HOA Member Only secure web portal access:  Are you a first time user, or have you lost or forgotten your unique HOA Member Only access credentials (User Name and/or Password)?

If so, please follow these simple step-by-step instructions to quickly gain access to the website benefits you are entitled to.  Most HOA members that have come to me with a log-in problem so far, find success in taking just a few minutes to follow this approach.  If you are having any difficulties with this, please give this a try.  You can’t realize the full benefits this secure web portal offers, unless you take a look for yourself.

(3) Paying your 2016 EFC HOA Annual Membership Dues On-Line: It is very easy and fast to do this securely on-line, as a new or renewing member.  Start Here and follow the instructions to complete and/or validate (renewing members) your membership information.

Now, you are ready to checkout which requires you to submit and click on the “PayPal application” button at the bottom of the membership input form. This sends you to a new “Membership Checkout” page that allows you to make the on-line payment and get an automated email receipt for this payment immediately thereafter, by EITHER:

  • Paying via your personal PayPal account … OR …
  • Paying via any valid credit or debit card you have.


If you have any further questions, comments, suggestions about our website, please do not hesitate to let me know by using our website Questions/Comments input form.

Jim Demarest,

EFC HOA Volunteer Lead – Website, Newsletter & Advertising