Website Update + Tip

Our website continues to run smoothly, with the number of unique visitors varying between 100-200 per month. It is encouraging to see a large number of new users visiting the site.WebsiteUpdateFeature

Website activity picked up significantly in mid January when Frank Cassara, our Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) membership director, broadcast an email officially kicking off our 2016 HOA Membership Drive.

Within the following two weeks alone, we had 17 EFC residents pay their 2016 HOA dues online through our website, via credit/debit card or PayPal account!   This statistic alone is a wonderful testament to the value of this on-line presence for our EFC residents.  I look forward to many more in our neighborhood taking advantage of the quick & easy tool to join our 2016 HOA soon!

As for the rest of our website, I believe these updates over the last two months are worth a brief mention and short visit when you find a few spare minutes:

  • Populated our website “Calendar” with the most current relevant activities/events through the end of June 2016,
  • Reworking our HOA Members Only “Board Members page with the most current contact information and brief job descriptions for official 2016 HOA Board Members and their Key Volunteers
  • Created a new “Board Meetings & Budget” webpage where I have started to post all these important documents.
  • Updated the “Newsletter” and “Photo Gallery” pages with most current information.
  • Added archive of all 2015 monthly Gardener Tips to bottom of our “Beautification” webpage

If you have any further improvement suggestions, PLEASE let me know via the “Contact Us – Question/Comment input form.  Thank you!!


Website Tip for the Month

Joining the 2016 HOA securely online:

  • New members — click Join Now and follow all instructions, including filling out online membership form if paying online.
  • Renewing members — sign-in to “HOA Member Only” account (reminder on how to do this) and click on “Membership” button at top of Navigation bar on right side.   New page will have a small “Renew” link on left.  Once you click this, your existing membership input form info should be displayed for you to verify and edit if necessary.  When done, submit for checkout & payment.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL .. To pay your HOA membership dues securely on-line, as a new or renewing member, you must submit and click on the “PayPal application” button at the bottom of the membership input form, which will send you to a new “Membership Checkout” page that allows you to EITHER:
    • Pay via your personal PayPal account … OR …
    • Pay via any valid credit or debit card you have.

I know the initial PayPal button has scared many away thinking they could not use a credit or debit card directly. There is now a footnote with the above information on the page where the PayPal app icon first appears.  This tip and that note should hopefully encourage more to simply use the online payment tool, rather than writing a check.

If you have any further questions here, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Jim Demarest,
EFC HOA Volunteer Lead – Website, Newsletter & Advertising