Website Update and Tip

Since it was first introduced to YOU at the end of 2014, the reception to our new website by those that have visited it and provided feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. WebsiteUpdateFeature

During just the first 7 months of operation, our young website has experienced many “ease-of-use” improvements, posted a myriad of news & calendar updates, and with this July 2015 newsletter, has already been tightly integrated with the publishing of three electronic quarterly newsletters (Jan, April, July).

We have also had the opportunity to review ouir website analytics over this time that show increased usage and for several months now, the highly coveted #1 listing on Google when searching by keywords “Estates of Forest Creek”.  So, don’t be shy about mentioning to your friends anywhere they might be to just Google us for more information.

Interesting enough though, our website analytics and feedback from other residents show that most Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) residents have yet to have the opportunity to actually visit and explore the website to see firsthand the value it provides.

Given this, seems best to use this newsletter article to focus on the highlights of all our website has to offer.

EFC Website purpose

Designed to be easy to navigate, rich with relevant & helpful content, allow for on-line Homeowners Association (HOA) membership registration & payment, and to serve three specific target audiences:

  • Our annual dues paying EFC HOA members, providing access to key membership benefits via a secure “HOA Members Only” portal
  • All of you, our EFC homeowners, offering helpful information about our community and our HOA
  • The general public, near and far, promoting EFC as a desirable, quality place to live

EFC Website benefits:

Public access to a wealth of helpful information to EFC residents and anyone considering moving here:

  • Description of who EFC is and why we are unique
  • Highlights about our HOA, benefits of membership, and how to join
  • Neighborhood News, the easiest place for seeing new, relevant info targeted specifically to EFC residents.
  • Calendar of upcoming EFC and Plano community activities / events
  • Local Real Estate statistics, updated monthly
  • Highlights of local shopping, dining, entertainment, family sports and fitness
  • Details on local pre-schools, K-12 public schools, colleges & universities, and adult education offerings
  • Information about relevant City of Plano services
  • Links to local industries/business, places of worship and healthcare services, local businesses
  • The ability to contact us via a simple question/comment input for
  • Opportunity for interested businesses to advertise on our website and in our quarterly newsletter

Secure private access to “HOA Member Only” portal of EFC website that includes these added benefits:

  • Full Membership Directory, with simple keyword Search engine
  • Archived quarterly HOA Newsletters, electronic version and hardcopy available for printout
  • Contact info for all Board Members, Committee Chairs & Block Captains
  • Details & Contact info for all HOA-sponsored Social Groups
  • Local Contractor / Home Services bulletin board (referrals for local contractors by EFC residents)
  • EFC Neighbor Teen Services bulletin board (referrals to EFC residents for Pet sitting, Child sitting, Lawn mowing)
  • HOA documents, i.e., Bylaws, Board meeting minutes, financial budget details, other
  • Photo Gallery of pictures from HOA-sponsored events
  • EFC “For Sale” bulletin board
  • EFC “Lost & Found” bulletin board

All of this is available on our website around the clock, 24 hours x 7 days per week.  Our quarterly newsletter does an excellent job of highlighting the recent new postings to our website; however, visiting our website more often will ensure you don’t miss out on helpful local, relevant news in the interim.  Going forward, new postings are planned at least once per week.  And for HOA members, the secure HOA Members Only portal is your best source for contact information in the Member Directory, archived quarterly newsletters, HOA Board activities, and other services available specifically to EFC residents.

This Quarter’s Website Tip – How to Access the HOA Members Only Portal:

Best to repeat the tip provided with our April 2015 newsletter, as it explains how to access the secure HOA Members Only portal for members that have not yet done this, or those that have, but have forgotten how.  Click Here for simple instructions.  It only takes a few minutes.

We Want Your Feedback!!

Remember, this website is a dynamic method of communication to all of you and the general public about our EFC neighborhood. As such, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for further improvement, we would LOVE to get your feedback. It takes just a couple minutes to share this with us, conveniently via theQuestions / Comments link under “Contact Us” at the top of each web page.

In closing, it is truly our pleasure to provide you with this valuable social media communication tool. The benefits in using it are simply at your fingertips, from your mobile or desktop device.  Enjoy!!

Jim Demarest & Your EFC HOA Board