Updated 2016 EFC HOA Board Member List

Current Board Members:

President – Scarlette Cassedy
VP – Jack Gary
Membership – Frank Cassara
Treasurer – Denise Dengler
Beautification Director – Kristen Kerwin
Hospitality – Jeanne Gary
Secretary – Open

Board Member Responsibilities are as follow:

President – Presides over HOA Board meetings, setting meeting agendas, appointing special  committees (as necessary) and on-going business administration of the HOA.  This person is the  lead spokesperson for our HOA Board to the community.

Vice PresidentPerforms the duties of the association president in the absence of the president, is the custodian of the HOA by-laws, and oversees special HOA committees as necessary.

Treasurer – Custodian of the HOA funds, securities and financial records.  Responsible for coordinating development of the proposed annual budget and for preparing/presenting the monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports on the financial status of the HOA.

Secretary – Maintains a record of all meetings of the HOA Board and HOA Membership, acting as custodian for official records of the association, preserving this important history.  Communication lead for all HOA Board meetings, activities and notices from the HOA Board to the EFC community (HOA members and non-members).  Directly responsible for all email communication from the HOA Board, and works closely with key volunteer leads for EFC website, newsletter, and Facebook communications.

As of this posting, our EFC HOA Board Secretaru position is currently open – if you can spare some time and have interest to volunteer in this role to support your community, PLEASE contact our President or Vice President to further discuss. 

Director of Membership – Responsible for the annual membership drive, maintaining a current list of paid members and overseeing the EFC HOA Block Captain volunteer leads.

Director of Beautification – Responsible for developing and implementing beautification plans of the common areas of the neighborhood.

Director of Hospitality – Responsible for welcoming all new neighbors to the EFC community.  This person is the “face of our HOA” and often the first EFC neighbor they meet.


Key Volunteers Helping the HOA & EFC Community (non-Board members):

Beautification Facilities Management Lead Volunteer (John Caldwell) – Responsible for maintaining all infrastructure facilities in the common areas of our EFC community, i.e., water, electricity.

Neighborhood Watch Lead Volunteer (Brandy Long) – Responsible for relaying all crime watch and safety awareness information to the HOA membership.

Website, Newsletter & Advertising Management Lead Volunteer (Jim Demarest) – Responsible for maintaining communication with association through the website and quarterly newsletter, and prospecting for advertisers on association website.

Block Captain Volunteers – Assisting the HOA Board and all EFC homeowners are approximately 40 Block Captains.  These are HOA members that volunteer their time to be a more personalized HOA focal point for the EFC homeowners living within a 2-3 block “Zone” in the neighborhood.  There are 1-2 Block Captains assigned to the 20 Zones that together make up the entire EFC community.