Upcoming Home-Grown Vegetable Garden Tour & Talk

Are you tired of paying high prices for vegetables that taste like cardboard?   If so, consider attending this upcoming community learning activity, right here in our neighborhood!Caldwell garden tour - Basket of peppers

On a “to be determined” day in June, all Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) residents need to keep an eye out for an invitation to John Caldwell’s house at 3700 Hearst Castle Way for a tour of his vegetable gardens, fig trees, and pecan tree.

This will be an excellent opportunity to show your children where food comes from and get your entire family interested in planting your own home garden in 2017.  Learn about composting as well.  Host John Caldwell is known by many of us as EFC’s “Mr. Green Thumb”.

Caldwell garden tour - roma tomatoes and bagsInteresting Fact:  John’s best annual harvest at home was an amazing 560 pounds of red bell peppers, Roma tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers and figs!!

The exact weekend date in June for this tour will be announced to the EFC community via email, our Friends at EFC Facebook page and our EFC website once John gets a better fix on the best timing for his home garden harvest this year.  Weather permitting, the “tour” is expected to begin at 9:30am.


We hope to see you there!

Your EFC HOA Board