Treasurer’s Report

On April 13th, your 2016 Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) Board Members reviewed, compared and approved the 2016 HOA Actual vs. Budget financials through the end of March.Estates of Forest Creek Budget

All income and expenses are tracking as expected after just the 1st quarter of the fiscal / calendar year.  

2016 annual HOA Membership dues always account for virtually all the budgeted annual income.  Given the strong results from our 1st Quarter push of this year’s Membership Drive, our income is well above our expenses so far.  

This early success and our continuing Membership Drive activity through 2nd Quarter makes us well-positioned to cover the larger expenses budgeted through the balance of the year, i.e., important additional community entrance / median landscaping improvements and higher water costs.

When logged into the secure HOA Members Only portal, current EFC HOA members can now easily access our detailed HOA budget spreadsheet and meeting minutes on a new “Board Meetings & Budget” webpage.

Denise Dengler, EFC HOA Treasurer