Treasurer’s Report

On August 2nd, your 2016 Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) Board Members reviewed, compared and approved the 2016 HOA Actual vs. Budget financials through the end of June.  Great news to report in that our HOA expenses are in line with the budget.  Estates of Forest Creek Budget

Water bills were low in the 2nd Quarter due to heavy rain, but these are already increasing due to our hot summer.  We have planned for this and have it covered in our annual budget.

As most of you know, our HOA has invested in several median improvements that are already making our neighborhood more beautiful,  This landscape beautification work will continue through the balance of the year.  Associated expenses are all planned to be within our budget.

Although we are getting closer to meeting our annual EFC HOA membership dues income goal, we definitely still need several more members to join for the year.  Please Renew / Join Now if you have not already, and encourage your friends & neighbors to do the same.

When logged into the secure HOA Members Only portal, current EFC HOA members can now easily access our detailed HOA budget spreadsheet and meeting minutes on a new “Board Meetings & Budget” webpage.


Denise Dengler, EFC HOA Treasurer