Summer Beautification Update

1016121_10151670992679901_483395148_nUpdate from John Caldwell, Beautification Director.

As Beautification Director, it is my responsibility to make sure our sprinklers work and our landscaping is healthy. Here’s what has been done in the past several weeks:

  • The old sprinkler system is in need of repair. With the help of Collin County Sprinklers we located the underground valves that control the water and have documented them for our HOA records. Cycling them by hand takes about two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening, on watering days.
  • I repaired over 100 sprinklers on Hearst Castle Way and Coit; we had many geysers. The repairs have taken about 18 hours and 45 fire ant bites. If you drive on HCW, I’m the man in the yellow/green shirt with the bag of sprinkler parts. (Rain Bird sprinklers are more reliable than Toro)
  • The HOA board will be meeting with Plano later this month to discuss the advanced sprinkler system that Plano is planning to install for us on HCW. They will also replace trees that have died.
  • In the HCW median, we have new Rain Bird controllers and Oncor structures for delivering power to the controllers. These are Ray Sheriff’s projects. The plan is to use the Oncor power to drive the new controllers and the Plano sprinkler system. Our old controllers were solar powered and not very reliable. I have contacted Oncor because several of the structures have visible electrical connections.
  • I have spread about 200 pounds of fertilizer on HCW; Coit is next.
  • We had a “Trash or Treasure” party at 3700 Hearst Castle Way with 40 neighbors attending. The group loudly decided which of our Holiday decorations should be saved for next season and which ones should be retired.
  • Our current landscaper was mowing our grass every week, even though we only water every other two weeks. I asked them to only mow every two weeks and they declined, so we gave them 30 day’s (as per our contract) notice and have been taking bids for new landscapers.
  • THE YARD OF THE MONTH contest is back! Our winners for August are John and Nancy Kraft on 7606 Afton Villa.
  • Many of the plants at the ends of the median sections and entrances have died due to the drought, December ice storm and our broken sprinkler system (that has been repaired). If you have any preference for replacements, contact me at [email protected]. The plan is to buy and plant many replacements in September. Long term we will be looking into beautification of our entrances, HCW median and Coit with colorful drought-tolerant landscaping.