Showcasing Recent “Yard of the Month” Awards!

With all the recent rain, the front yards of most homes within our community that the rest of us pass by on a daily basis are looking very nice indeed.YOM sign only

The Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) recently toured the neighborhood and is pleased to announce two new “Yard of the Month” community beautification awards.

Each award winner’s front yard is now sporting a stylish award sign and the homeowner has received a $25 gift card for Calloway’s Nursery, courtesy of your HOA.


June 2015 – Dave & Sylvia Fields at 3729 Hearst Castle Way


July 2015 – Linda & Mark Weintrub at 3709 Tidewater Drive


Here is some interesting feedback from each of our award winners:

What plants are featured in your yard?
Dave FieldsA wide variety of annuals and perennials, in style of an English Garden.
Linda Weintrub:  A mix of perennials, annuals and bulbs including daylilies, salvias, scabiosas, clematis, gladiolus, anemones, lilies and any bargain plant that needs rescuing.

How long did it take to get your yard the way you liked it?
Dave FieldsSeveral years.
Linda Weintrub: I’m still playing with it. In early spring I love the yard, by mid-summer its plants gone wild and survival of the fittest. Then in early fall it’s time to play again.

What work had to be done to get your yard the way you liked it?
Dave FieldsUse a gardener.
Linda Weintrub:  When we moved in, we removed several shrubs and added compost.

How much work was done by your family vs. professional landscaper?
Dave FieldsWork done by my wife and me was limited.  Almost all was done by a trusted gardener we have used for many years.
Linda Weintrub:  I do all the planting and moving around. This year we had someone else do the cleanup and mulch in the Spring.

What were some things that did not work?
Dave FieldsWe have tried various plants in different locations and made lots of changes over the years.  We added rocks and stones as well, and smaller trees under the big live oak.
Linda Weintrub:  Plants that outgrew their space or spread wildly, like The Vitex and Grandpa Ott morning glories. I had to remove all my roses after they got Rose rosette disease.

What advice would you give to others?
Dave FieldsGet a good gardener and communicate the look you want for your yard. Try a lot of variety.
Linda Weintrub:  Look at magazines to see what combinations you like and what style of gardens please you. Check out recommended plants for our area. Trial and error, that’s my style.


A sincere “thank you” to these conscientious neighbors and so many others within our community that have clearly gone out of their way to  improve the curb appeal of their home.  We all benefit from this!

We would like your help!!  If any of our EFC residents would like to nominate a neighbor that should be considered for a future “Yard of the Month” award, please take a moment to share this with us, conveniently via theQuestions / Comments link under “Contact Us” at the top of each web page.