Secretary’s Corner: April 2015

Do we have your current email address(es)?  This is important to keep you up to date with relevant news for The Estates of Forest Creek community, such as with this newsletter, new City of Plano crime notifications, any new Lost/Found items, and upcoming EFC HOA sponsored Special Events and Board Meetings. 

Should you change your email address or want a second address added to our master secure neighborhood communication distribution list, please be sure to inform us of your new email by either:

  • Sending us an email with this information to [email protected], or
  • Via our new www.efchoa website:
    • As a non-HOA member resident, use the Questions / Comment form under “Contact Us” to share this information
    • As a current HOA Member making use of our secure HOA Members Only website, you can edit this information directly into your Membership Profile form found by clicking on “View/Edit Profile” when sliding your cursor over your name at the top-right of your browser window when logged in as a member.

I have enjoyed the amazing individuals and friendships I have cultivated while in this EFC HOA Board position.  After serving as Secretary for the past 2 years, I will be stepping aside in November for personal reasons.  I definitely plan to stay active with our EFC HOA as a volunteer. 

Good news is that this opening presents a wonderful opportunity at the end of the year for you or one of your neighbors to get involved as I have.  All that is needed is a little extra time from someone with a passion for getting more involved with our community and interested in ensuring we always do our best at keeping all in The Estates of Forest Creek neighborhood well-informed of any pertinent news. 

We are starting to look for EFC HOA Board nominations now for the November 2015 election, so if interested in my Secretary position, or any of the other Board positions for that matter, please contact me at [email protected] or any of the other EFC HOA Board member to further discuss.  Thank you for considering this!

Cindy Maunch, EFC HOA Secretary