President’s Letter

Hello neighbors!

I hope you have had a great summer! Most kids are back in school and Fall is on the way here.HOAUpdateFeature

For your Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) Board, this is a time of planning. We begin to think about all we will have accomplished as we close out this year, and what our opportunities are for the coming year.

As for accomplishments, thank you again to the over 250 EFC residents that have already paid their 2016 HOA membership dues.  For those that haven’t, you still can quickly and simply Renew/Join by Clicking Here.

My top personal planning goal for next year is to ensure we keep a strong HOA Board of Directors for our neighborhood HOA. Each decision the HOA makes directly impacts you and your home, your neighbors and our entire EFC community. YOUR participation in this decision making process is critical, whether it is through attendance to meetings or better yet, actively volunteering just a little of your time to be a new member of our HOA Board.

We have an immediate need for all interested parties to come forward now.  We have a current opening for HOA Board Secretary, an important position that unfortunately has remained vacant all year long.  We also already know that another member of the HOA Board will be moving and vacating their position at the end of this annual HOA Board term (ends Oct 31, 2016).  For a brief description of all EFC HOA Board Member positions, please see footnote below.

Your HOA cannot operate effectively with two vacancies on the Board. Aside from the inefficiencies, it is unacceptable that we ask the remaining Board members to assume more responsibility once again. Without new members joining the HOA Board, we are in real danger of losing our HOA.  Just  ride around our city with eyes wide open and it will become evident which neighborhoods do not have an active HOA, as these communities must rely on the city for all common area maintenance and improvements.  Ask yourself if those standards are acceptable to you and protective of your investment.

As Jane Goodall once said “ The greatest danger to our future is apathy”. Please don’t let that happen to our neighborhood.

I live in our EFC community because I want to raise my children in a neighborhood that is safe, friendly and beautiful.  I also want to retire in a neighborhood where people take care of their property, exhibit a sincere “pride of ownership” and where my home is considered a high quality, lucrative investment.

I know from speaking with many of you, that you too truly care about this neighborhood. The best way to act on this is to become a volunteer HOA Board member. The time commitment is only a few hours each month and proven to be very accommodating to a busy work/personal life – which I am well aware we all have!

By carving out just a little of your time to be an integral part of our HOA Board, YOU can personally make a positive difference for your family and all in our EFC community.  Besides this, you will meet some wonderful people along the way and feel the pride associated with personal involvement.

Please consider making a real difference in the future of our EFC community and submit your name or that of another resident you believe might have an interest.  You can mention this to any existing EFC HOA Board member, or simply submit this info via our website Question/Comment input form.

On behalf of your EFC HOA Board and Directors, we hope to see you at the upcoming EFC community “Meet & Greet” on Saturday Sept 1oth and wish you and your families a fantastic Fall!


Scarlette Cassedy, EFC HOA President



Footnote:  EFC HOA Board Member Responsibilities

President – Presides over HOA Board meetings, setting meeting agendas, appointing special  committees (as necessary) and on-going business administration of the HOA.  This person is the  lead spokesperson for our HOA Board to the community.

Vice President – Performs the duties of the association president in the absence of the president, is the custodian of the HOA by-laws, and oversees special HOA committees as necessary.

Treasurer – Custodian of the HOA funds, securities and financial records.  Responsible for coordinating development of the proposed annual budget and for preparing/presenting the monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports on the financial status of the HOA.

Secretary – Maintains a record of all meetings of the HOA Board and HOA Membership, acting as custodian for official records of the association, preserving this important history.  Communication lead for all HOA Board meetings, activities and notices from the HOA Board to the EFC community (HOA members and non-members).  Directly responsible for all email communication from the HOA Board, and works closely with key volunteer leads for EFC website, newsletter, and Facebook communications.

Director of Membership – Responsible for the annual membership drive, maintaining a current list of paid members and overseeing the EFC HOA Block Captain volunteer leads.

Director of Beautification – Responsible for developing and implementing beautification plans of the common areas of the neighborhood.

Director of Hospitality – Responsible for welcoming all new neighbors to the EFC community.  This person is the “face of our HOA” and often the first EFC neighbor they meet.