Our New EFC Website

Live at Your Fingertips – Our New EFC Website!!!

We are pleased to once again introduce to all EFC residents our new “EFC Website” at www.efchoa.com, which was formally launched to all of you and the general public in late November.

There is a wealth of information here for all EFC residents, particularly those that are HOA annual dues paying members.  Based on our December website usage statistics (our 1st full month of operation), momentum is definitely building.  In December, we had over 100 different visitors, with roughly 70% first time users and 30% repeat visitors.  These visitors came to our website over 200 times and the average stay is high at over 7 minutes.   Once at our website, our online Member Directory, News Updates (Neighborhood News & Board News) & Membership information pages have been the most frequently visited.  In summary, this is an excellent sign of early interest and value to finally having this online presence for our community.

Every EFC resident is strongly encouraged to find at least a few minutes to explore this website so you can personally experience all that it currently offers.  You will not be disappointed!  Furthermore, we expect this will become a helpful resource to quickly stay better connected with your neighbors and local community.

Remember too that this website is a dynamic method of communication to all of you and the general public about our EFC neighborhood. As such, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for further improvement, we would LOVE to get your feedback. It takes just a couple minutes to share this with us, conveniently via the “Contact Us” tab at the top of each web page.

HOA MEMBER ONLY LOG-IN REMINDER: For any HOA member that has yet to create a unique website Password and successfully log-in with their household unique Username & Password, it only takes a few minutes to set-up access to the secure HOA Members Only portal.  Just follow these 4 simple steps:

    • Step 1: Log-in to the public EFC website at www.efchoa.com
      Step 2: Look to top-right of home page for secure HOA Member only log-in input fields – do NOT type in any info into the input fields, but instead just click on the “Lost username/password” link, which will open up one new input field for you to complete as follows:

          • a) USERNAME: Enter your email address as already provided to the HOA
            b) Click on “Get New Password”, which will generate an “reset your password” email back to you from the EFC website server with further instructions – fyi, if you gave two different emails on our HOA membership form, one was selected for primary use with the website, so try both if the first one doesn’t work – use “Contact Us” if you are still not getting this email.
    • Step 3: In the “reset your password email generated from Step 2 above, you will see your unique Username and a link to create your new password – Click the link to create the new password.
      Step 4: Once your new password has been created, you will be directed back to a HOA member log-in screen – here you enter the unique Username referenced in Step 3 and your new Password, then click the Log-in/Submit button and you should be logged in.
      From here forward: Always log-in with your unique Username & Password, and please use the “Contact Us” process if you have any further trouble, questions, comments, suggestions.  And if you misplace either of these, just follow the prompts in the upper right hand corner of the www.efchoa.com homepage.

We trust you will find the new EFC website helpful to visit and feel good about how the public web pages present our community to the outside world. Enjoy!!

Jim Demarest & Your EFC HOA Board