Membership Update

Hello Neighbors!

We are in the midst of Phase II of our 2016 membership drive and the results so far have been great!MembershipUpdate

As of the end of April, we had 200 households (48% participation) pay their dues.  This is well ahead of where we were this same time last year.

Our 2016 annual target is 292 households (67% participation).  With the added work effort already underway and with YOUR help, I am certain that we will eclipse our target soon.

A big “Thank You” to:

  • Each of the 200+ residents that have already paid your 2016 dues, and
  • To all of the community Zone Captains for their inexorable help during this drive.

If you haven’t yet paid your dues yet, please accept this as a subtle reminder to do so now.

We are entering the troughs of the warm seasons of late spring and early summer where our expenses peak. We depend on your support to keep our work moving forward uninterrupted.

It takes only a few minutes to join now. Simply Click here to register for new or renew your annual membership.  You can pay on-line or with a check.

Our Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) Homeowners Association (HOA) is a voluntary organization that benefits all EFC community residents.  The fact that we are a voluntary HOA is a reason why some of us chose to move into this neighborhood. Not everyone wants to deal with an uncontrollable HOA that enforces restrictions that at times may seem unreasonable. However, just because we chose to live in a voluntary HOA neighborhood, doesn’t mean we are without obligation to the HOA and our neighbors.

Over 80% of our operating budget is dedicated to maintaining the common areas along Coit Road, the entrances at Hogan Manor and Hearst Castle Way, as well as the medians along the entire stretch of our primary community boulevard, Hearst Castle Way.  Maintenance includes electricity, water, and mowing.  Everyone benefits from attractive public landscaping.

Historically, home values perform better when there is an active HOA dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the common areas. If not for our HOA, maintenance of these areas would be left to the City of Plano and subject to the city standards, which are far less than our current standards.

Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, other things the HOA brings to you are:

  • An HOA-managed website that actively promotes our EFC community, thus driving interest among potential buyers.
  • Neighborhood Crimewatch – including an active partnership with the City of Plano Police to keep all residents informed of potential issues and tips to avoid falling prey to such issues.
  • Coordination with the City of Plano to resolve issues within the neighborhood.
  • Social Events – including two large family-oriented events (Fall & Spring Festivals) and informal quarterly “Meet & Greet” gatherings are planned each year to allow our residents to meet their neighbors and make new friends.

The 2016 Board has great plans to build on past actions and make EFC a great place to live, benefiting each and every resident. Without the support of the residents, these plans will just be that, plans.

Help Transform Our Neighborhood into a Community!

Thank you for your support.


Frank Cassera, EFC HOA Membership Director