Membership Update

Hello Neighbors! We are nearing the end of our 2016 membership drive and the results have been great!MembershipUpdate

As of the end of July, we have had 253 households (58% participation) pay their dues. Our annual target remains at 292 homes (67% participation). I am certain that we can and will eclipse our target.

If you are one of the 253 residents that have already paid your dues, on behalf of the Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA), THANK YOU !!

If you haven’t yet paid your 2016 annual dues yet, PLEASE seriously consider providing this important support.  Click Here to Join/Renew Now!

We have some ambitious plans to dramatically enhance our neighborhood starting in September once the weather cools down. We will continue work on the Hearst Castle Way median, picking up at the White Castle intersection and moving east. We also will start a multi-phased project along Coit Road, one that will advance our community to one of premier neighborhoods in Plano. Without your support, these plans will just be that, plans.

If you are still not certain that you will participate in your HOA, please read on …

Our HOA is a voluntary association that benefits all residents. The fact that we are a voluntary HOA is the reason some of us chose to move into the Estates of Forest Creek. Not everyone wants to deal with an incontrollable HOA that enforces restrictions that at times may seem unreasoned. However just because we chose to live in a voluntary HOA Neighborhood, doesn’t mean we are without obligation to the HOA and our neighbors.

Over 80% of our operating budget (your membership dues!) is dedicated to maintaining the Common Area Maintenance along Coit Road, the entrances at Hogan Manor and Hearst Castle Way as well as the median of Hearst Castle Way. Common Area Maintenance includes electricity, water, and mowing. Everyone benefits from attractive public landscaping.

Historically, home values perform better when there is an active HOA dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the common areas. If not for our HOA the maintenance of these areas would be left to the City of Plano and subject to the city standards, which are far less than our current standards.

Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, some other key benefits offered by our EFC HOA include:

  • A website that actively promotes the Estates of Forest Creek, thus driving interest among potential buyers.
  • A quarterly community newsletter and as needed other broadcast email notices with updates to keep you aware of what is going on in/near our neighborhood.
  • An active Neighborhood/Crime Watch program in partnership with the City of Plano Police, with a mission to keep all residents informed of potential safety issues and tips to avoid falling prey to such issues.
  • Coordination with the City of Plano to resolve more challenging issues within the neighborhood requiring outside assistance.
  • Social Activities & Events, including two large family-oriented “Festivals” each year (one in Fall, one in Spring), informal homeowner “Meet & Greet” gatherings on a Saturday morning once per quarter, and several common-interest activities to participate in as often as every week; i.e., Bridge, Mah Jongg, Bunco, etc.  All these activities and events allow our residents to meet their neighbors, make new friends, and have some fun.

In closing, I want to thank all the HOA Zone Captains for their inexorable help during this membership drive.  I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the individual Zone Captains that have reached at least 100% of their 2016 annual goal … Jim Demarest, Scarlette Cassedy, Brenda Gaydos, Randi Gaddy, Jennifer Johnson, Deb Obenshain, Laci Ryan, Lynda Richardson, Deborah Arnette, Lee Harrington, and Judy Guyer.  Your tireless effort is deeply appreciated by all on the HOA Board and the entire EFC community.

Remember, that YOUR participation does indeed “Help Transform Our Neighborhood into a Community!”

Thank you for your support.


Frank Cassara, EFC HOA Membership Director