Membership Drive Update

Hello Neighbors!

Photo Sep 30, 11 06 14 AMDid you know that more than 80% of the operating budget is dedicated to the obligation of maintaining Coit Road, Heartst Castle and Insurance? Common Area Maintenance includes:

  • electric
  • water
  • mowing
  • tree trimming

Who in this neighborhood doesn’t benefit from this?

The membership fee of $125 a year happens to be one of the lowest in the City of Plano. Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, other things the HOA works on is promoting the neighborhood through social events, a website (under development), directories, crime watch and coordination with the city to resolve issues within the neighborhood.

I hope you will consider supporting your HOA by completing the membership form and pay the $125 fee. Membership gives you the right to vote in all HOA elections, as well as seeking a position on the board. If you decide not to support the HOA, as a minimum, please send us a valid Email address so we can keep you informed as to happenings in the neighborhood, most importantly, crime watch notifications. Whether you are a dues paying member or not, your safety and the protection of your property is paramount to us all.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our membership committee.  If in the future you want to raise an issue or concern with the EFCHOA Board, he can serve as your liaison and help facilitate the communication.

The 2014 board has some great plans to build on past actions and make The Estates of Forest Creek a great place to live, benefiting each and every resident. Without the support of the residents these plans will just be that, plans.

To join the EFC HOA, click here.