January Membership Update

Membership Report

I want to begin by thanking everyone who supported The Estates of Forest Creek in 2014. Despite a rocky start to the year, we rebounded well and exceeded our goal of 235 Dues Paying Households (53% Participation). We ended the 2014 drive with 251 Dues Paying Households (58% Participation)!

The 2015 Membership Drive has officially begun. Let me begin by stating that the EFC HOA is a voluntary association that benefits all residents. Did you know that more than 80% of our operating budget is dedicated to maintaining the Common Area Maintenance along Coit Road, the entrances at Hogan Manor and Hearst Castle as well as the median of Hearst Castle? Common Area Maintenance includes; electricity, water, and mowing. Everyone benefits from attractive public landscaping. Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, other things the HOA brings to you are Social Events, a recently launched website, Crimewatch and coordination with the City to resolve issues within the neighborhood.  Membership also gives you the right to vote in all HOA elections as well as run for the Board.

Over the years the EFCHOA Boards have made it a priority to maintain the membership fee of only $125 per year, which is one of the lowest in Plano. Our 2015 EFC HOA Board intends to continue on with this tradition. Our Membership targets for 2015 are 282 Dues Paying Households/65% Participation. The aggressive increase is necessary to support the fabulous plans the Beautification Committee has developed and is ready to execute.

Please support your HOA by submitting your payment of $125. For the first time, you can now join and make your payment online via our www.efchoa.com website.   Payment via PayPal or Credit Card is accepted. We will also still accept a check payable to “EFCHOA” that you can either:

  • Mail to EFCHOA, PO Box 251271. Plano, TX 75025-1271 or…
  • Place in drop box located at 7501 Breakers Way, 3616 Hearst Castle Way or 7616 Brodick Way.

Your 2015 HOA Board plans to build on past actions and make The Estates of Forest Creek an even better place to live, benefiting each and every resident. However, without the support of our residents; i.e., you!! – these plans will just be that, plans.

Thank you for your participation.

Frank Cassara

EFC HOA Membership Director