Hospitality Update

The Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) has made it a priority to welcome new neighbors. HOA Welcome Basket

As your new 2016 HOA Hospitality Chairperson, I have already had the pleasure of dropping off gift baskets to nine new neighbors this past month!

Each basket is filled with a Plano map, Plano Relocation and Community Guide, Plano Profile, Plano Magazine, a calendar, our Estates of Forest Creek “tea-towels” and last but not least, seasonal cookies.

Also included in the baskets is information on how to support our EFC community and stay informed about what is happening in and nearby our neighborhood.   Aside from meeting your neighbors, there are several ways to do this:

It is our goal to reach out to new neighbors within two weeks of move-in and to make them feel as welcome as possible.  We are counting on our existing friends and residents to do the same.

New and existing residents are all encouraged to pay their 2016 HOA dues, and get involved with your community, in whatever way works best for you.  Let’s all show our community what a caring, wonderful neighborhood we enjoy!

Jeanne Gary, EFC HOA Hospitality Director