Crime Watch Tip: Supporting Our Police Officers

One of the best—and most effective—ways to fight crime in our neighborhood is to build a strong relationship with your local police.thank a police officer - Aug 2016

Here are several methods for establishing an accord with local law-enforcement:

  • Complain wisely: Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) residents and Homeowners Association (HOA) community members have to be careful when it comes to what they complain about. For example, a community has an issue with people speeding in the neighborhood. The community HOA asks the police to do something about it. The police set up radar, and who do they catch? The homeowners. Homeowners have to abide by the same standards that they’re complaining about.
  • Be reasonable: Remember that the police are the experts, and it’s never a good idea to assume you know more than the experts. You shouldn’t insist that the police do a particular thing without listening to their solution. They may not be able to implement your solution. Instead, use a partnership approach by asking for help in a more open-ended way.
  • Don’t waste officers’ time: Make sure your residents minimize their nuisance calls to the police department. Oftentimes, the police department becomes very familiar with a community or building if, for example, you have residents who have alarm systems and frequent false alarms. Remind everyone that incidents like that affect the community. Ask neighbors to have their alarm systems checked so they don’t go off accidentally.
  • Support police events: If your police or fire department is sponsoring an event, your association can score points by lending a hand. The police or fire department could probably use the help, and you’ll be establishing goodwill. Police officers tend to know who appreciates their services and will reciprocate in kind.

Overall, having a healthy relationship with your community’s local police force will make your neighborhood more likely to receive special consideration when problems do occur. The police benefits from your support and involvement, and you benefit from their protection. Let’s do what we can to show our appreciation and support for our local Plano Police department!


Brandy Long,
EFC HOA Volunteer Lead – Neighborhood / Crime Watch