Neighborhood Watch – Beware of Bobcats!

Many of us have seen our feline natives around the neighborhood – near the creek, in the alley, on the fence, in our yards, and just walking or sometimes, running down the street.Bobcat Photo

These are our “not so welcome” neighbors – the Bobcats!

Bobcats are actually quite beautiful and impressive to see.  Larger than your domestic cats with much more muscle.

When we see them most often is at dawn or dusk, as this is when they are usually looking for something to eat.

They will typically leave you alone if you leave them alone.  And most often if you approach them slowly, they will turn around and shy away.  However, this is not always the case, particularly when they are hungry or looking after their young ones.

Since they live on smaller animals, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your domestic cats and dogs, particularly the small dogs.

Bobcats can climb fences, trees, and can get on your rooftops.  They can also move very quickly. So, best you keep that in mind when you let your pets outside.

Remember – Bobcats were here first and we can share our living spaces harmoniously!!


Jeanne Gary, Neighborhood & Crime Watch Director