Beautification Update

In May, we had CitiTurf install a groundcover bed around three of our crepe myrtles on Hearst Castle Way. We plan to repeat this groundcover under more of our crepe myrtle groups for some continuity along the median.

We also planted summer annuals at the Coit Road entrance to Hearst Castle Way. They are looking beautiful despite the heat and sparse water.EFC Beautification

Since then we have taken the summer off to wait for Fall’s more favorable temperatures and hopefully rainfall as well before continuing on with further improvements to the Hearst Castle Way medians.

The next big goal is to install a perennial bed at the Hearst Castle Way median on the West side of White Castle Way. In addition to that, we will tackle the large area in the center of the Hearst Castle Way median that extends between White Castle Way and Ludwig Castle.

We will also continue to look for solutions and improvements where existing turf or Asian Jasmine has large, unsightly gaps—a challenge for sure.

Beautification pic2 - Aug 2016 Beautification pic1 - Aug 2016Longer term and still in the “wish list” category, we want to beautify the bridge and add attractive beds to frame our Coit Road entrances (Hearst Castle, Woodlawn and Hogan Manor).

We still have a lot of work to do, but trust you are enjoying the progress we have made so far.



These two pictures offer a couple current views of the newly landscaped medians.  For those interested, several others can be found by scrolling through our website Photo Gallery.

In closing, Thank You once again to all of you in the Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) community that are actively supporting this beautification work effort with your financial support in having renewed / joined our Homeowners Association (HOA) this year.  If you haven’t done this yet, it only takes a few minutes to do this on-line by Clicking Here.  We appreciate your support!


Kristen Kerwin, EFC HOA Beautification / Landscape Director