Beautification Update

The landscape beautification improvements in the medians along our main thoroughfare – Hearst Castle Way – continue to be our primary focus for now.EFC Beautification

The Brodick Way / Twelve Oaks Circle median planted only one year ago has come back strong and is filling out nicely.

The first median at Coit Road / Hearst Castle Way that we planted in November with the help of a City of Plano grant project is starting to come along.  It should look much fuller as this growing season progresses.

The east side of Tara Court and beds on the bridge—also planted in late 2015–are providing interest and color.

Last month CitiTurf, our landscape maintenance company, replaced the unsightly Bermuda grass in the Shadow Lawn Court / Lyndhurst Lane median with new Zoysia turf. They also improved the Lyndhurst Lane /Tara Court median with additional Asian Jasmines.

These two medians are somewhat experimental. Our goal is to determine the best ground cover to use in the median areas where we have large mature trees. We’ve been fortunate to have plenty of rain to help get these areas established, but we know that heat, drought and shade will test these areas and we’ll wait to see how they do. Then we can go forward with the best option for other areas along Hearst Castle Way.

Some recent Hearst Castle Way median photos:

So what’s next? We should have summer annuals planted at the main entrance very soon. Although things have been slowed down by the rain, we have more projects coming. The flower bed on the corner of White Castle Lane and Hearst Castle Way will be expanded and will be planted with low growing perennials. A grouping of Crepe Myrtles east of the bridge will be the first to be formed into a unified bed underplanted with lush groundcover.

Our goal is to make continual improvements and eventually renovate the entire Hearst Castle Way median. It should be a healthy, green, well-maintained drive highlighted by beautiful areas of color that have continuity of design and plant material.

In closing, Thank You for joining your HOA–your annual  membership dues are critical to our continued progress!


Kristen Kerwin, EFC HOA Beautification / Landscape Director