Beautification Committee Update

Our Beautification Committee’s first priority remains to be the Estates of Forest Creek (EFC) EFC Beautificationlandscaping along our Hearst Castle Way parkway (entrance from Coit and all medians on Hearst Castle Way).

Your 2015 HOA membership dues, with some assistance from the City of Plano, are making this continuous improvement process possible.  Adequate funding and good planting weather remain our largest opportunities and challenges.   These improvements have been taking much longer than any of us want, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.  Your continued patience here is appreciated.

Over the long term, our collective goal remains for the Hearst Castle parkway to be completely updated with a cohesive design and repetition of beautiful, drought tolerant plants and turf/groundcover.

Thank you to the City of Plano for redoing the sprinklers in the new median between Brodick & Twelve Oaks in order to provide better water coverage. During this upgrade, unfortunately, some plants were lifted and exposed to the extreme heat long enough to kill them. Good news is that these plants are to be replaced by early November when we expect to have our best late Fall weather.

Up next in our landscape improvement is the first median as you enter Hearst Castle from Coit. We are fortunate to have received a Grant from City of Plano to help fund this work. The City recently removed two Bradford Pears, making room for some annuals to unify this median with the adjacent Coit entrance and some plants similar to those in the endcaps of the recently planted new median between Brodick & Twelve Oaks.

The first median beautification work in process also includes:

  1. HOA finished removing the old bushes and roto-tilled the soil.
  2. City of Plano installed new sprinkler heads; linking them with our new and existing controllers.
  3. HOA enriches the soil and communicates plans for a “Planting Party” on Saturday, November 7th .  Note that The City of Plano Grant requires we use only volunteer labor. HOA will supply the plants, tools and refreshments.
  4. HOA will also photograph our happy volunteers and send the photos to the City of Plano as part of the reimbursement process.

After the first median upgrade is completed and as EFC HOA funding allows, we will:

  1. Finish developing and execute plans to landscape the Hearst Castle bridge. This bridge is a defining feature of the primary parkway in and out of our EFC neighborhood. It will be given the special attention it deserves.
  2. Finish developing and execute plans to update all other median endcaps. Where we have existing endcaps that are too small or shady to make an impact, replenish with turf or groundcover. Where we have existing endcaps, which are sunny and can be expanded, we will add areas of beauty similar to the ends of the new median – some combination of drought-tolerant perennials, ornamental grasses and boulders.
  3. Over time and where possible, the turf and groundcover areas of all other medians which are unsightly will be rejuvenated with Zoysia grass (type of turf in the new median).

Timely Local Gardening Tips:

Please read the new October, November & December landscaping hints from Calloways in this newsletter.

Kristen Kerwin & John Caldwell, EFC HOA Beautification Committee