2015 HOA Membership Drive Update

Hello Neighbors,

Our 2015 Estates of Forest Creek Homeowners Association (EFC HOA) membership drive is going better than expected, as we get closer to meeting our annual goal!MembershipUpdate

Through the end of June, I am pleased to report that 211 households have already paid their 2015 dues, getting us close to this year’s annual budget participation target of 282 homes, representing 65% of our EFC community. 

To many of us longtime EFC residents, this annual target is modest compared to our potential HOA membership rate of 70% or 80%+ that we achieved consistently many years ago when we had more active participation.  Our more recent positive momentum is an excellent sign we are once again tracking to achieve these more lofty goals within the next few years.  Of course, your support in this endeavor is key.

Some additional exciting news this year:

We have 14 first time members, of whom only 4 are new homeowners, Welcome & Thank You!

We have 15 homeowners who chose to rejoin after missing last year, Welcome Back & Thank You!

For those that have not yet made the decision to become a 2015 HOA member, please consider that your support for this calendar year is critical to allow us to continue executing on the fabulous plans the Beautification Committee has developed (see separate Beautification Update), providing the necessary on-going maintenance of all common areas, supporting our newsletter, website, social/service committees and annual community events.   We can’t do these things without  your help.

As I have said in the past, the EFC HOA is a voluntary association that benefits all residents.  The fact that we are a voluntary HOA is the reason some of us chose to move into the Estates of Forest Creek. Not everyone wants to deal with an overpowering HOA that enforces restrictions that at times may seem illogical. However, just because we chose to live in a voluntary HOA Neighborhood, doesn’t mean we are without obligation to the HOA and our neighbors.

If you are part of the 114 EFC homeowners who live here but have never joined the HOA … or … If you are part of the 80 EFC homeowners who live here and have previously been HOA members, but so far, have not renewed for 2015 … I HAVE TO ASK WHY???

If you believe you do not benefit from the HOA … consider thisHome values are stronger and maintain themselves better in areas with an active HOA rather than those in areas without.

If you do not know why we need an active and fully funded HOA … consider this … More than 80% of our operating budget is dedicated to maintaining the Common Area Maintenance along Coit Road, the entrances at Hogan Manor and Hearst Castle as well as the median of Hearst Castle. Common Area Maintenance includes, electricity, water, and mowing.  Everyone benefits from attractive public landscaping.

If you believe we should dissolve the HOA and have the City of Plano maintain the common grounds … consider this … Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, other things the HOA brings to you are Social Events, a recently launched website promoting the Estate of Forest Creek, Crimewatch and coordination with the City to resolve issues within the neighborhood. Also consider this, the city’s maintenance standards are minimal at best and will certainly be noticeable if your HOA wasn’t active in maintenance and improvements.

If you feel you are not in a financial position to support your HOA with dues … consider this … the annual fee is a nominal $125, among the lowest for all HOA’s nearby – if money is still an issue, there are other ways to support your HOA, such as volunteering to assist with HOA sponsored activities.

If you feel your participate doesn’t matter, or just don’t care … Please, please reconsider helping out YOUR neighbors and community; otherwise, it appears there is nothing left to say.

So, if you have not already done so, please take a few minutes to support your HOA now by completing your 2015 membership form and submitting your payment of $125 via either of the following methods:

  • Via our website, using PayPal or Credit Card to pay online – at Join Now / Membership page
  • Via check, using U.S. Postal mail or hand deliver to designated EFC Neighborhood drop box – download hardcopy New/Renewal Membership form from website, complete and submit with check as indicated on the form

The 2015 Board has great plans to build on past actions and make The Estates of Forest Creek a great place to live, benefiting each and every resident.

Unfortunately, without the support of the residents, these plans will just be that, plans and our community will be nothing more than another neighborhood.

Thank you for your support.

Frank Cassara, EFC HOA Membership Director