2015 HOA Membership Drive Update

Hello Neighbors!

This year’s membership drive is just about over and the results have been great!


Through the end of September, we have had 268 households (62% participation) pay their dues.

Our target for 2015 has been 282/65% participation. I still hold hope that we will eclipse our target.

Either way, this year has been a win, as we reversed a three-year downward trend.   Great news!!

Some additional exciting news:

  • We have 19 first-time members, of whom only 4 are new homeowners. Welcome & Thank You!
  • We also had 24 homeowners chose to rejoin after missing last year. Welcome Back & Thank You!

Unfortunately, we have 111 residents who have chosen to not support us at all over the years. I take this on as my own failure to properly communicate the values of supporting our HOA. A greater travesty than this group is the group of 28 households who bowed out during the tumultuous time we all dealt with in 2013/14 and have failed to return for some reason.

As I have said in the past, the EFCHOA is a voluntary association that benefits all residents.  The fact that we are a voluntary HOA is the reason some of us chose to move into The Estates of Forest Creek. Not everyone wants to deal with an incontrollable HOA that enforces restrictions that at times may seem unreasoned. However, just because we chose to live in a voluntary HOA neighborhood, doesn’t mean we are without obligation to the HOA and our neighbors.

If you are part of the 111 homeowners who reside in The Estates of Forest Creek and have chosen not to participate over the years, I ask why?

  • If you believe you do not benefit from the HOA, I say this, “Home values are stronger and maintain themselves better in areas with an active HOA rather than those in areas without.”
  • If you do not know why we need an active and fully funded HOA, I say this, “More than 80% of our operating budget is dedicated to maintaining the Common Area Maintenance along Coit Road, the entrances at Hogan Manor and Hearst Castle, as well as the median of Hearst Castle. Common Area Maintenance includes electricity, water, and mowing.  Everyone benefits from attractive public landscaping.”
  • If you believe we should dissolve the HOA and have the City of Plano maintain the common grounds, I say this, “Aside from the maintenance and upgrading of the common areas noted above, other things the HOA brings to you are social events, a recently launched website promoting The Estates of Forest Creek, Crimewatch and coordination with the City to resolve issues within the neighborhood. Also consider this, the city’s maintenance standards are minimal at best and will certainly be noticeable if your HOA wasn’t active in maintenance and improvements.”
  • If you are not in a financial position to support your HOA with dues, I say, “There are other ways to support your HOA. Consider volunteering.”
  • If you just don’t care, “I have nothing to say.”

If you have chosen not to participate in our 2015 HOA Membership Drive to date, I ask that you put aside whatever is holding you back AND instead, embrace the wealth of participation benefits,  For those that supported the HOA in the past, these benefits and more are available today!

Let’s move forward together in maintaining and improving our neighborhood.
Please Click Here to easily pay your 2015 HOA dues TODAY!!

In closing, I want to thank all of our 2015 HOA members for already showing your support to the communityI also want to thank all our Zone Captains for their inexorable help during this drive. Without them we would have failed.

Together, we are … Tranforming Our Neighborhood into a Community!

Frank Cassara, EFC HOA Membership Director