President’s Letter January 2015

Happy New Year!   On behalf of the EFCHOA Board, we would like to express our best wishes to you and your families for the coming year. We hope 2015 will bring you much health and happiness. We are thankful for the opportunity to represent you, it has been our privilege to serve this fine community in 2014 and we’re looking forward with enthusiasm to 2015!

2014 Year in Review

Your Board faced numerous challenges in 2014 restarting services after the seven month delay transferring responsibilities to the elected Board. By far the most critical task was our Membership Drive, for without the trust and voluntary contributions of our neighbors your HOA would not be able to deliver valuable services. Frank Cassara, our Membership committee chairman, with the help of our block captains held a hugely successful membership drive. Their combined effort resulted in 60% of households participating in the HOA. Please let Frank and your block captain know you appreciate their hard work on your behalf.

Based on annual HOA expenditures, the number one service your HOA provides is the beautification of our entrance ways and the Hearst Castle Way median. Clearly, we still have a lot of work to do improving the appearance of our common areas. Progress here has unfortunately been somewhat delayed as there are several underlying electrical and water system repairs that must take place before we begin planting new trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Repairs to these systems are ongoing and will be completed shortly. Thanks to Kristin Kerwin, who has undertaken developing an overall multi-year beautification plan that was presented at the January Budget meeting.

Thanks to Cindy Mauch, Annette Schmitz, Denise Dengler, Judy Guyer, John Richardson, Lee Harrington & Frank Cassara, we were able to display new Thanksgiving and Holiday decorations. It was a big job, as the sixty plus old wreaths were cleaned, repaired and spruced up with new ornaments and bows.

The EFCHOA now has an online presence where families wishing to live in Plano can learn about all the advantages to living in the Estates of Forest Creek and residents can stay up to date on issues impacting our daily lives. Join us in a big shout out to Jim Demarest who led the design effort with Red Mango Marketing. The result is a modern, informative and easy to navigate website. Please be sure to visit the website regularly at for the latest neighborhood and HOA Board news, special alerts, our membership directory, our newsletter, calendar of events, recommended contractors for home maintenance & repair, and links to a wealth of other items of interest. Also, we encourage you to give us feedback on what you like about the website or things we could add so it is more relevant to you.

Looking Forward in 2015

It’s exciting to look ahead and begin planning activities for 2015. Our goals are to begin execution of the Beautification plan and provide more social activities. Please keep abreast of what’s happening in our neighborhood by visiting our website.

From all of us on the Board, it is a pleasure to represent you, our neighbors, and to work for the betterment of the Estates of Forest Creek. A wonderful benefit from participating on the Board has been the opportunity to become friends with many of our neighbors and for that we’re thankful.

Finally, we are looking for more of you to volunteer some time to help us further improve our EFC community. The more neighbors willing to get involved, the more we can do for each other. We have opportunities for students looking for service hours too, just let us know. Please consider how you could help your neighborhood and contact any Board member, contact us via our website, or email us at [email protected] .

Thank you and best wishes for 2015!

Jack Gary
EFC HOA President