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Would you like to see your business ad on our website or in our quarterly newsletter?

Benefits to placing a website ad:

  • Around the clock (24×7) exposure to all general public, EFC resident, and HOA member website visitors.
  • Prominently displayed on virtually every one of the 70+ EFC public & private website pages
  • Ads uniquely rotate positioning on lower right side of each website page, so as to place as even a priority as possible on any one ad versus another.

Benefits to placing an e-newsletter ad:

  • Email broadcast exposure to all 420+ EFC residents who have provided their email address to the HOA
  • EFC website exposure to all HOA members around the clock (24×7)

Requirements for ad submission:

  1. Submit your ad request for approval a minimum of 2 weeks prior to start of first month of placement.
  2. Advertisement approval and payment must be received prior to posting.
  3. Approval subject to ad space availability.
  4. Advertiser is required to provide a high-resolution photo-quality graphic promo ad ready for publishing to the website.
  5. Ad size must be 300 x 250 pixels and final version of it must be submitted along with initial ad placement request.
  6. Preferred graphic file format is PNG, but JPEG or GIF are acceptable as well.
  7. If required, assistance with creation of acceptable promo ad graphic is available for an additional fee.

EFC HOA Quarterly Newsletter and 24×7 Website Advertising Rates

Non-EFC resident:

  • 3 month commit … $150
  • 6 month commit … $270 (10% disc)
  • 12 month commit … $480 (20% disc)

EFC resident (extra 10% disc)

  • 3 month commit … $135
  • 6 month commit … $240 (10% disc)
  • 12 month commit … $420 (20% disc)

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